I became a photographer during the late 80s. I started my career at the “Gente” supplement of the Diario 16 newspaper based in Madrid. From 1990 to 2006, I worked as a freelance photographer for the “El Dominical” supplement of the El Periódico de Cataluña newspaper, where my photographs appeared on more than 150 front pages of the Sunday supplement over the course of 15 years. During this time, I took many portraits of famous people. However, since 2006 I have focused on the development of my personal work and my own school of photography called La Recámara (http://larecamara.es/), originally situated in Cantabria and currently situated in Barcelona.

Among my most important works are Retratos, a collection of portraits of the famous (including Michael Douglas, Luciano Pavarotti, Danny DeVito, Woody Allen & Quentin Tarantino among many others); and Ficción, a series of pictures in which I move away from the traditional portraits by inventing a new reality. In Ficción, cinema and fashion icons like Tony Leblanc or Samuel L. Jackson transform themselves into main characters of a fictional narrative. The project has been exceptionally well received and was published by “El Dominical”, the supplement of the newspaper El Periódico de Cataluña.

I have also worked for VogueElleWomanDunia, the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone Magazine, the American edition of InterviewThe EuropeanIndependent MagazineEl PaísEl MundoDiario 16Psicologies and Matador. I have won eight awards presented by the Society for News Design thanks to my work published in the media. In 2006 I received the Award for the Best Cover by the former French Syndicat de la Presse Magazine et d’Information (nowadays called Syndicat des éditeurs de la presse Magazine).

My images and pictures have been used on the cover of the number of CDs recorded by world famous Latin and Spanish artists: “Si tú me miras” by Alejandro Sanz, WEA 1993; “11 maneras de ponerse un sombrero”, by Miguel Bosé, WEA 1998; “19 Días y 500 Noches”, by Joaquin Sabina, BMG Music Spain 1999. I am also the creator of the media campaign of the thematic channels of VIA DIGITAL, Vitruvio Leo Burnett, September 1998.

My photographs have also been published in print: Retratos, Barcelona, Ediciones B, 1995; Calendario Compañía Nacional de Danza 1995, Madrid, Ministerio de Cultura; Ficción, Barcelona, Ediciones B, 2000; La mar en tierra, Santander 2012, Ediciones La Recámara; Diccionario de fotógrafos españoles del siglo XIX al XXI, 2014, La Fábrica/Acció Cultural Española, Ministerio de Cultura.